Configure Scan to Folder ( Windows SMB) on Canon MF6100 series i-Sensys machine under Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Since Mac OS X saw a change in the underlying SMB stack to SMB2 ( see more on this article: ) It can happen than NAS, MFD Devices or other machines have issues accessing the shared folder/s on a Mac OS X Host.

I was trying hard to make the Scan to Folder ( Windows SMB) work between my Macmini’s shared folder on my Desktop ( \Macintosh HD\Users\%username%\Desktop\scandesktop ) and the new Canon MF6180dw’s Scan to Folder ( Windows SMB) option.

    First here is what did not work for me:

– It did not work ,,sharing” the scandesktop folder out via the built in Settings\Sharing \ File Sharing tab ( even with or without AFP and Samba options On/Off)
– The above did not work even tough I created a new ,,dummy account on my mac : canonscanner , I gave it permission to the scandesktop folder under Settings\Sharing \ File Sharing tab on the folder scandesktop ( also set Everyone Read/Write just in case)
– i tried SMBConf app ( here is the link:, which changes the SMB stack back to the older SMB1 version)

    Here is what worked for Me:

– First I switched off ( unthick ) the Settings\Sharing \ File Sharing option
– I checked from another windows machine in this case that browsing to \\MYMACMINISIPADDRESS\ lists absolutely nothing and get an error ( no SMB sharing going on)
– I installed SMBUp app from here:
– Once it installed I launched it and did Add new network shared drive – and I browsed to my scandesktop folder on my Desktop under my Username
– I unthicked Read Only , and Made sure Allow Guest was thicked ON
– I did a Save All, and Start the Service

– I went back to my windows box to check that i can see the scandesktop folder I just shared out by browsing \\MYMACMINIIPADDRESS\ via Windows Explorer.. The folder appeared and I could enter and create a test folder ( permissions OK, not Read Only, just like I set it)

– Now using the RemoteUI of my Canon MF6180dw, I logged in as Management, Went to address book and created a new entry as below:
Hostname: I used the IP of My Mac mini ( i have it on Fix IP, should work with the hostname.local or hostname too but I did not test it)
Folder: scandesktop ( thats the folder I shared out, no need for the Relative path /Macintosh HD/Users/%username%/…. ) Your Path to use there will be the one you see after the IP part if you browse from a Windows Machine like ( // 1 /Folder2/Scan folder ) then in that case You should put Folder 1/Folder2/Scan folder
Username: I used my useraccount and password but should work fine with the created Dummy account canonscanner in this example

After setting this like the above, it started to Scan to Folder on My Mac Mini under Mac OS X 10.11

In the attached pictures I have more folders shared out with SMBUp ( not just my scandesktop folder)

Hope it saves anyone else a day or two ( what took me to figure this out)

Screenshot 2016-01-01 19.08.44

Screenshot 2016-01-01 19.08.29

Screenshot 2016-01-01 19.08.12

Screenshot 2016-01-01 19.07.58

Screenshot 2016-01-01 19.07.47

Screenshot 2016-01-01 19.07.25