About Me

I have always liked computers from a very early age. I've spent most of my time both personal and professional around them.

I built a small HomeLab environment with a few servers and clients where I do all my tinkering with various Systems and IT Solutions mainly based on Vmware ESXI, Proxmox,Linux and BSD Systems.

I share more about my HomeLab and what I do with it over at my blog dedicated to it at https://blog.viktormadarasz.com

I also like to Train and Workout 5 times per week.I also like running including trail running.

My Experience in Linux & Windows System Administration

In my last position at Shadow Robot I was able to focus on working in a near 100% Linux and Open Source environment as a full time System Administrator.

These technical skills however were developed a long time ago on a personal level through self development and studying combined with a lot of time spent in a home lab with a 42U rack of physical servers, cisco switches & routers and many virtual machines using vmware & kvm technology.

I assume that I have spent now more than 6+ years with Linux & Windows servers in my lab I have built for myself and eventually expanded it to the cloud as well onto a dedicated server based on Debian running Proxmox on top which runs my production virtual machines. One example of that would be the one which runs my CV website at https://cv.viktormadarasz.com (AlmaLinux+NGINX) or my IT based weekly podcast in english at https://tsr-podcast.com which still runs on CentOS 7+NGINX.

The first Linux distribution I’ve ever installed was Red Hat Linux 5.0 in 1997 and from there on gradually after many years I have made the switch from Windows OS first to Mac OS X then eventually to Fedora Linux ( Red Hat 1:1 compatible) on my main computer I use daily.

My personal and professional choice for server OS is normally Linux first Windows second if the requirements and other variables such as compatibility allows it.

Right now my plan is to expand and to solidify this knowledge regarding Linux in a form of a certificate of RHCSA to further raise my professional value in the future and to balance out the lack of possibilities I was presented with so far during my professional experience.

Volunteer Work

I host two weekly podcast one called TSR - The Server Room Show - about IT & Technology in English and another one called La Tercera Pata del Gato in Spanish with my friend Antonio Garcia Hernandez about the life and experiences as a foreigner living in Madrid, Spain.

TSR - The Server Room Show Podcast: https://tsr-podcast.com

La Tercera Pata del Gato Podcast: https://latercerapatadelgato.tk

Contact Details

Viktor Madarasz
Madrid, Spain


  • Remote and On Site Support Analyst Experience
  • Result Oriented Approach
  • Commitment
  • System Administration
  • Develop Self and Others
  • Polyglot


Endre, Ady High School, Nagyatad, Hungary

High School Degree (GCSE), Hungary May 2002

I have obtained a High School degree (GCSE) from this Hungarian institute back in 2002


Shadow Robot

System Administrator September 2020 - March 2021

I worked as a System Administrator for Shadow Robot.During my day to day responsibilities I was the system administrator for a few linux servers, mostly debian based which ran a couple of services (openvpn, svn, cron and others). I performed weekly backups on these systems together with rutine maintenance tasks when it was required.

I handled the company's email flow with Google Workspace's admin console and their Microsoft 365 licenses for their Microsoft Office Applications.

Remote management was done via ssh or Teamviewer's Management Portal. Bitdefender Central's Gravity console was used for antivirus under Windows/Linux/Mac.

Remote KVM tools and UPS were in place to ensure remote support and continued service for critical infrastructure in case of a momentary loss of power.

End user support was done by me with a user base of around 60 people working from home and remote offices.

Providing these users with the training courses on various topics like Introduction to Linux, Cyber Security Awareness or how to use certain company specific software and applications were prepared and hosted by myself.

Tetra Pak

IT Analyst September 2017 - September 2020

I worked as a Deskside Support Analyst for Tetra Pak`s main office in Madrid with a user base of 800 users on site and 50 Field Engineers working remotely. General duties of incidents and request fulfillments were performed using an ITSM Ticketing System following ITIL practices in a multinational and multicultural environment. I partook both in local and global projects with focus on Networking, installation and replacement of switches, routers, access points and additional network devices. Most network related troubleshooting was handled by me via ssh into Cisco switches and using single pane of glass portals like Cisco Prime or Solarwinds Orion while liaising with Network and Unified Communication's team overseas.

SDL Plc (Previously Donnelley Financial Solutions)

IT On Site Support Engineer September 2015 - September 2017

I was working as an IT On site Support Engineer for the company's head office for Language Solution Department in Madrid. I was taking care of around a 175 users on site and around 85 users working remotely. Change Management on a local scope and many times being both 1st and 2nd line Analyst roles were part of the daily routine. I did maintenance tasks, racking and installing new equipment and retire old ones in the server room which included occasional troubleshooting working with remote teams as well. Using Active Directory I was part of the New Hire / Leaver processes making sure the user and computer accounts were correct and keep those records up to date. I deployed and packaged some of the locally required software in the office including maintenance scripts for computers with the help of PDQ Deploy and PDQ Invetory applications

BNP Paribas - UK Client Service Desk

IT Service Desk Analyst Level I and II 2014 - August 2015

I started as 1st Line Service Desk Analyst at BNP Paribas UK Client Service Desk, underwent intense 2 - 3 weeks training in the company's headquarters in London City. After a demanding 4 months showing both technical and customer service skills while meeting challenging KPI expectations, I have been promoted to 2nd Line Service Desk Analyst position for Trading and Non Trading Support desks.

Working as 2nd Line Service Desk Analyst I had more time to solve and investigate deeper technical and complex issues and incidents where a deeper understanding and a broader skillset was required in IT. Issues with permissions or credentials,missing dependencies to successful application deployment on client machines were just a few examples of complex incidents and problems at BNP. An extensive use of both personal and corporate knowledge base of past incidents and know-how with additional liaise with 3rd level teams were mandatory most of the cases for a quicker and agile resolution


IT Support Specialist 2013 - 2014

I worked as a Level I. IT Support Specialist for Northern Europe region at PageGroup's International Service Desk which included the handling and resolution of user's Incidents/Problems using an ITSM Ticketing System. I was in charge of User Management using Microsoft's Active Directory and also to Create or Modify Group Mailboxes and Mailing Lists with Microsoft's Exchange Console. I also had to create IT Technical Documentations and Procedures as well.

Fractalia Remote Services

IT Support Specialist 2013

I worked as a Level I. IT Support Specialist on the company's domestic and international projects for the SOC Security team working with Various Monitoring Systems (Pandora FMS,HP Openview,Site Scope,Sentinel Nice) escalating and handling alarms in the monitoring systems, handling basic routine tasks and simple maintenance with both Network Backup Solutions such as Veritas Netbackup and Linux/Unix servers such as restarting services like Apache httpd or Tomcat or checking if a cron job successfully ran or not.

Grupo SMS

IT Support Specialist 2012 - 2013

I worked as a Level I. IT Support Specialist on domestic and International projects providing remote support to clients such as NH Hoteles using a plethora of support tools while also handling incidents over the phone.


  • HungarianNative
  • EnglishFluent
  • SpanishFluent


  • Viktor is a very responsible IT expert who gives his full potential to fix the issues and give the proper support for the clients and customers, he not only knows a lot in windows environments but he is an Apple expert too.

    Federico Baltazar Oliva Crespo
  • Viktor has a wide experience and knowledge on IT even that he is always looking for improvement. We started together on a project for BNP Paribas as Service Desk L1, since the beginning he has always been a professional and respectful teammate helping anytime he can and being open to feedback, he will be always be straightforward and honest with any idea or procedure in a really professional way

    Samuel de Jesus Garcia Silva

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