Configure Scan to Folder ( Windows SMB) on Canon MF6100 series i-Sensys machine under Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Since Mac OS X saw a change in the underlying SMB stack to SMB2 ( see more on this article: ) It can happen than NAS, MFD Devices or other machines have issues accessing the shared folder/s on a Mac OS X Host.

I was trying hard to make the Scan to Folder ( Windows SMB) work between my Macmini’s shared folder on my Desktop ( \Macintosh HD\Users\%username%\Desktop\scandesktop ) and the new Canon MF6180dw’s Scan to Folder ( Windows SMB) option.

    First here is what did not work for me:

– It did not work ,,sharing” the scandesktop folder out via the built in Settings\Sharing \ File Sharing tab ( even with or without AFP and Samba options On/Off)
– The above did not work even tough I created a new ,,dummy account on my mac : canonscanner , I gave it permission to the scandesktop folder under Settings\Sharing \ File Sharing tab on the folder scandesktop ( also set Everyone Read/Write just in case)
– i tried SMBConf app ( here is the link:, which changes the SMB stack back to the older SMB1 version)

    Here is what worked for Me:

– First I switched off ( unthick ) the Settings\Sharing \ File Sharing option
– I checked from another windows machine in this case that browsing to \\MYMACMINISIPADDRESS\ lists absolutely nothing and get an error ( no SMB sharing going on)
– I installed SMBUp app from here:
– Once it installed I launched it and did Add new network shared drive – and I browsed to my scandesktop folder on my Desktop under my Username
– I unthicked Read Only , and Made sure Allow Guest was thicked ON
– I did a Save All, and Start the Service

– I went back to my windows box to check that i can see the scandesktop folder I just shared out by browsing \\MYMACMINIIPADDRESS\ via Windows Explorer.. The folder appeared and I could enter and create a test folder ( permissions OK, not Read Only, just like I set it)

– Now using the RemoteUI of my Canon MF6180dw, I logged in as Management, Went to address book and created a new entry as below:
Hostname: I used the IP of My Mac mini ( i have it on Fix IP, should work with the hostname.local or hostname too but I did not test it)
Folder: scandesktop ( thats the folder I shared out, no need for the Relative path /Macintosh HD/Users/%username%/…. ) Your Path to use there will be the one you see after the IP part if you browse from a Windows Machine like ( // 1 /Folder2/Scan folder ) then in that case You should put Folder 1/Folder2/Scan folder
Username: I used my useraccount and password but should work fine with the created Dummy account canonscanner in this example

After setting this like the above, it started to Scan to Folder on My Mac Mini under Mac OS X 10.11

In the attached pictures I have more folders shared out with SMBUp ( not just my scandesktop folder)

Hope it saves anyone else a day or two ( what took me to figure this out)

Screenshot 2016-01-01 19.08.44

Screenshot 2016-01-01 19.08.29

Screenshot 2016-01-01 19.08.12

Screenshot 2016-01-01 19.07.58

Screenshot 2016-01-01 19.07.47

Screenshot 2016-01-01 19.07.25

Mac Mini 2012 Unboxing CNET

iTunes Home Sharing // iTunes Match 25€ Year // Synology Disk Station



I like the new layout of iTunes. Also Im thinking about to subscribe for iTunes Match.Home Sharing is great listening Your iTunes Library on Your iPad,iPhone, or Apple TV.

You can even use a Synology DiskStation and let it act as an iTunes Media Server and share all Your content across Your network. It has some neat features, worth every cent You pay for it.

Synology DiskStation 213+ price is around 330-350€ there is a cheaper model without the + for around 250€, lacks some of the features…in depth comparsion the DS213 and DS213+ on this official link of Synology


Mad Men Season 6


“Heavy” Virtualization and Workload :) Mac Mini Core i7 2.6 2012

VMWare Fusion running Nextstep 3.3 and Ubuntu 12.04 32bit, FTP download in the background with Cyberduck, uTorrent running,iMessage,Safari, Mac App Store

Services running on top of the status bar from right to left:

iStats 4, RealVNC Server, VMWare Fusion,Houdahspot bar, HandyPrint, Boom,Box sync, Alfred 2, TotalFinder,Dropbox,Text Expander, TechTool, Live Wallpaper, Air video Server

Screen Shot 2013 03 23 at 7 39 38 PM

Apple COMPLETE “Get a Mac” ad campaign compilation (with Bonus ads)


WWDC 2006: Message from Steve Jobs
WWDC 2007: I’m Steve Jobs
May 2008 : Sad Song – Long version

Featuring John Hodgman as PC and Justin Long as Mac
Music: “Having Trouble Sneezing” by Mark Mothersbaugh
Air-date: May 2006 to October 2009

La Vida Cambia Con Mac :) / Life Changes With Mac

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Orange has its slogan La Vida cambia con Orange.

Its very true about the Mac (tough I don’t know about Orange’s any life changing stories but +1 for their marketing)

But personally I really love how it changes the way of your workflow, the way things are done and handled…Seriously I never felt ever like this *I found my place* with Windows or Linux ever.Not this much. It suits me just right..And It Just Work

What Mac’s and more specifically Mac OS X, is what and how things should be, at least for me, I mean the User experience, ease of use, seamless integration of different apps and workflows, the way things are built up from the ground up.At least for me from my point of view, based on my opinion. Disagree?Dont like it? Sure..Have Your own opinion and feel good about long as you can convince Yourself and be happy…none can wish for more

By the way, I always wanted to talk about this….Do all those Apple haters hear themselves just once? Do they practice in front of the mirror? I really doubt….

I’d like to mention just 2 or 3 of their points or lets say reason why they hate or strongly dislike Macs and their users:

1., Macs are expensive:

Tough I recently came across a website which were comparing and analysed the price gap between PC and MAC configs *ultrabooks, desktop,laptops* trying to be as far as It could to compare nearly 100% similar configs

(Sorry PC We just don’t shovel every shit into a box what we found laying around like 20 dif kind of CPUs and 35 dif Motherboards etc, Fewer choices means less and better way to handle possible issues/conflicts in the future and easier to debug/handle them or make changes if necessary)

So back to basics…Macs are expensive…If thats your best argument then let me say a BMW 320 is also expensive..How many Seat fans You have ever seen crying about that? Or more honestly Do You think they give a shit? You buy what You want when You want as long as You have the money for it and You settled down with it and know that what You are paying for is what You actually comforts You and Your needs then Let It be.

So don’t tell me ..Macs are expensive Macs are expensive…Cause first its the matter of POV *Point of View* and second if I don’t care then You shouldn’t either….I neither walk next to You in the mall saying Don’t buy Kellogs thats expensive :)

For the record normally We answer to this argument ..You get what You pay for , but that comes down to everyones personal preferences.

On the software side, comparing the prices of certain softwares Mac and Windows versions there are also some interesting examples, but not going into details (I can if I want to trust me) it comes down to one conclusion:

The cost of software for Windows is more expensive in the majority of cases than its corresponding software for the Mac version. * of course there are exceptions but something like 7 or 8 times out of 10 this statement is true *

2., Usual phrase of My Custom Built PC XY beats the crap out of Your 2x 3x 300x More Expensive Apple Mac… (Sometimes They combine or add playing the Game XY or just saying Gaming or whatever suits them)

First, Great, Im happy and I feel good that PC XY does this, that or runs that Game in 300HD resolution whatsoever…Im happy for You but somewhere deep inside I say I don’t really care


Because its the same old childish argument that my dick is bigger than mine or my car goes to 60 in 1 sec less than Yours, and so on…… Im happy with My choice, I did not buy my Mac to compete or take part in contests or arguments of this kind..I did cause that what suits me, I feel it right and I got comfort in my decision. I like it this way.

What it does or doesnt based on Your opinion/religion/cult or fuckwhat I don’t really care..Cause I am happy with what I have and for how much I got it.

And for the record…Pls don’t say this game is like this and that on PC XY..Why? Cause I know Macs are not great in gaming *or if they are I did not try cause I did not buy it for that purpose…for gaming I get an XBOX/Playstation and it rocks as hell for gaming trust me* We all know Macs not for gaming, We are Ok with it , We did not buy for gaming…end.

3., Most Mac Users use Microsoft Software to get their work/things done

I heard this on a Youtube comment and I said what?

First and foremost what I most love in my Mac:

I can run any of the 3 Major Operating Systems *natively,with Bootcamp, in a Virtual Machine, however But the point here is I CAN*

Now probably You say I can run Mac OS X in vmware in Windows..Sure You can ..Honestly I used a Hackintosh for years before buying a proper Mac, You know why?Cause those solutions just pain in the ass.. I could write a separate article about hassles and hours wasted and spent on looking for what causes and why the errors I had or the incompatibility..maybe I do it once..lets see

– Running Mac OS X in VMWare on Windows Host doesn’t have QE/CI *something like a native Graphics Engine Support kinda thing* What does it mean? You can install iWorks for example, but without that You can’t even use it … It won’t work…and its true for nearly all apps throughout OS X , even preview to read a PDF normally or at all…so its a dead end totally

– Hackintosh as I wrote its nice effort, and trust me if You put really a tons of effort, research and buy the compatible parts and you are careful about updates and don’t mind researching and debugging quiet frequently (and changing some hardware parts if it needs so in new OS releases cause it can happen too) then sure Im positive it will work out for You , I tried and honestly I failed, and I could not honestly recommend it..Dont get me wrong its a great community , just its not for me…

So, I said I love the ease I can run all 3 major OSes on my Mac (i don’t mind if it has to be a Virtual machine or even a bootcamp)

Second, So far I have not found any obstacles cause by software which meant I was unable to get a Mac equivalent or Mac version of the specific software or a similar one for Mac to get that same task done.

When it happens I will be happy to fire up VMWare Fusion, create a VM on XP/7/8 whatever…And Use that very particular piece of software if I don’t have any other choice…And I will not feel quilty about it, at all.

So I don’t really know what the commenter meant by that but no, I personally don’t use Microsoft softwares to get some or most or all of my things done on my Mac, but if I have to sure as hell I will, no problem at all.

I intend to use mac software, I intend to always buy them as long as the price is right, and I love the way apps look like on Mac, nothing comes close to it on other platforms…

Well thats all for now……

My Desktop

My Desktop on My Mac Mini


My Mac Mini Arrived….

My Mac Mini arrived finally….




Waiting for My Mac Mini

Waiting for My Mac Mini

Waiting for my CTO (Configure To Order) Mac Mini Late 2012 with the maxed out Core i7, I found this website with stunning HD Wallpaper Images…. Worth A Look